Media Bits

Media Bits, LLC, formed in 1995 at the dawn of the World Wide Web, is a partnership of Dave Scobie and Derek Lang. Now in our 15th year of operation in California, Media Bits brings established experience and time-tested capabilities to every project. Our evolving systems and infrastructure are finely tuned to accommodate projects of all sizes and complexity. Approximately 70% of our workload is attributable to return clients and ongoing relationships. Many of our closest associations have daisychained with industry professionals as they move on to new projects and situations. All our clients enjoy responsive service, efficient turnaround, and direct communication with one or both partners.

What We Do

We design and develop web and data based systems that allow our clients to promote, advertise, organize, manage and communicate through the web platform. In short, we design web sites, the systems that control, generate and enhance those sites, and provide components and services that support and upgrade those entities.

The primary focus of our development work is our in-house developed software called Solarium; a web based administration system used by many of our clients to manage and update their web sites and online organizations. We designed Solarium to give our clients control of their web sites and reduce reliability on us, the developer.

Services Offered

  • Websites
  • Graphic/Interface Design
  • Database Design
  • Intranet/Extranet
  • E-Commerce
  • Member-Only Websites
  • Customized Web Components
  • Document Management

To find out more about our services, contact us.