Media Bits, LLC. Yes, we've been doing this since 1995 which makes us...old. Some of our clients, GlobalPlatform and AmateurGolf, have been with us since 2000/01. We built their first, and second, and third websites. A few others have left us only to come back for what we hope is our personalized attention. We may be small but we love to build clean, data-driven, easy to manage, money-making web applications. Contact us for more info if you are interested.

Things we like: Good Design, Databases, Flamenco Guitar, Content Management, Backpacking, Web API's, Visual Arts, Photography, Electronica, Responsive Design, and a good tomato.


We’ve worked with a wide spectrum of clients: major financial institutions, global conglomerates, musicians, actors, golfers, marketing firms, and more. Data is data, and we love to work with data. Collecting, updating, presenting, and managing your data is paramount. Wrapping it into a complete, user-friendly web package is crucial. Our years of experience can help you use your unique data in ways you may not have considered.

Working with Media Bits means you will communicate with one or both partners. We are a small company but passionate about our clients and their projects. From start to finish we offer fast, responsive, and professional results.


Have a project in mind and don't know where to start? Have an existing website and need to update the look and/or functionality? Wondering how you can make better use of your data? Contact us for more information about our tools that can help your company harness the web for your business needs.