Media Bits

The Solarium System is a Media Bits, LLC proprietary software project, developed over many years to harness the evolving standards of the web platform. In essence, our template-based application enables complete management, organization and control of your web site and online systems. Solarium is completely web-based, allowing site owners and webmasters to log in remotely from anywhere through a web browser interface.

Solarium is expandable and customizable, featuring an optional set of upgradeable plugins to meet the demands of sophisticated online organizations. Most online businesses share common needs: website content management; publishing; document & contact management; membership websites; subscription services; payments/renewals; online stores. Most of our clients bring unique requirements for customization of these tools of the trade. Utilizing the Solarium framework we can build client-specific components to satisfy all your business needs in a secure, web-based solution.

To find out more about Solarium components visit some of our client case briefs.

Existing Components

  • Contact Manager
  • Website Page Content Editing
  • Document Management
  • Calendars
  • Image Management

Custom Components

  • Membership Systems
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • Subscription Services
  • Event Management